Yoga Therapy - Katie Lane

Yoga Therapeutics with Katie Lane
in Christchurch & Wellington


Movement Therapy to Support Your Healing
It's not WHAT you do, It's HOW you do it.

Therapeutically oriented yoga sessions are designed to individually address specific physical, mental, or emotional issues. A therapeutic, movement based practice is a powerful way to work with acute or chronic injuries and pain, and can be used in conjunction with other conventional therapies. When the body lines up in an optimal way with awareness, healing can take place rapidly.

In a therapeutically focused session, you will receive an individual consultation and mindful movement plan to meet your specific needs. Yoga therapeutics differs from other forms of physical therapy in that it empowers the individual to actively participate in their own healing.

Therapeutically Focused Yoga can be helpful in:
- Relieving acute injury and/or chronic pain in the low back, hips, legs, knees, shoulders, and neck
- Strengthening, repairing, and creating resilency around old injuries from sport, accident, or disease
- Expanding general mobility and fluidity in the joints 
- Creating more supportive strength and stability around the joints
- Navigating depression & anxiety, chronic fatigue, autoimmune disorders, womens' reproductive health & fertility
- Working with eating disorders and learning to create and sustain healthy body self image
- Discovering a new sense of love, trust, and vibrancy in your body again 

As a skillful and sensitive movement educator, Katie will assist you in learning how to safely align your body and deepen your own awareness to faciliatate healing. She has over 13 years of full time teaching experience and has studied at the highest training levels with many of the world's best yoga teachers. Katie has completed several Yoga Therapy teacher trainings (>100 Hours) with Anusara Yoga and has been working therapeutically with clients since 2006.

$110 / 60min Session
Includes a write up or recording of targeted exercises to do at home.

Talk with Katie at or call her directly on 021 810 422.