August 27th: Discover the power of your core

with Jesse Burns

SUNDAY, AUGUST 27th from 2 to 3.30PM



Our core is the literal center of our body and the physical center of our asana practice. These muscles are involved in almost every movement of the body: holding us steady in standing and balance, deepening our twists, stabilizing our backbends, and smoothing the transition between poses. A strong core core is essential for a safe and easeful yoga practice, and is also important for posture and low back support beyond the mat. All levels are welcome at this workshop, where we will examine the anatomy of the core, explore fun ways to strengthen these muscles (it’s not all plank and navasana!), and learn how to use this newfound strength to avoid injury while while deepening our practice.

Booking essential - book online via our interactive schedule or at our studio reception.

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