About Our Clinic

Welcome to the Grassroots Health Clinic!

A multi-disciplinary centre for healing, purposebuilt to offer a peaceful sanctuary in an empowered & caring environment. It's our pleasure to support you in your journey to optimal health and wellbeing.

Clinic entrance is off 37 Tanner St, Woolston. 

Car parking: available on Tanner St.

For hire: To express your interest contact Veronica by email veronica@grassrootsyoga.co.nz or phone 0276 941 261

The clinic is very adapatable and is currently used for Accupunture, Naturopathy, Chiropractics, Psychology and Hypnotherapy. Includes a waiting area by the clinic, car parking space and own off street discrete entrance. We are looking for a dedicated, committed, caring professional to make this their base.