One-on-One Mentorship for Yoga Teachers with Katie Lane

One-on-One Yoga Teaching Mentorship Program

with Katie Lane

The standard 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program is really just the very first step on the journey to becoming a skillful and inspirational teacher of yoga. Group trainings are the usual way we all begin the process of learning to teach yoga. However when you graduate from a Teacher Training program and find yourself standing in front of a room full of students, there is often little opportunity for ongoing, individual support.

This unique mentorship program is meant to address that gap.
Whether you are a brand new teacher or four years strong, the heart of teaching is ongoing studentship.

When you enter this three month development program, you will receive individually focused and customised support to help you refine your teaching skills, identify and grow your strengths, discover and work with shadow areas in your teaching, establish or re-establish your unique vision as a teacher, and grow your confidence in authentically and powerfully sharing the yoga you love.

Mentorship includes:
- Entry interview/meeting to discuss your background, your training, and your personal intention/aims with teaching
- Observation of three full yoga classes – live or recorded.
- Three focused meetings with Katie – face to face or via Skype/FT (60 to 90min)
- Feedback and action plans in each meeting to help you grow your particular strengths while identifying and working on the shadow spots in your teaching
- Class Planning/Sequencing review with teaching assignments to work on for the month
- Theme development & review with teaching assignments to work on for the month
- Coaching around crafting your personal vision/aim as a teacher and how to align your teaching opportunities & classes with your unique core vision
- Opportunity to dialogue on the business of yoga, ethical questions arising in the classroom or studio
- Learning how to receive and incorporate feedback
- And more!

The mentorship will uniquely take shape based around our conversations. 
Any aspect of teaching is on the table and is fodder for growth.

This mentorship will best serve those who are actively teaching weekly yoga classes and are committed to the ongoing process of refining and growing their teaching skills. Expect to be supported in all your strengths, expect to be challenged to grow!

3 Month Mentorship

There is an option to extend the program for additional months if the interest and commitment is there after the initial period.

"Whether you have just completed your first teacher training or have already been teaching for many years, I highly recommend this mentoring course with Katie Lane. Her ability to provide clarity around areas of your teaching that need strengthening is transformational.

She truly has a gift for seeing where you're at in your teaching journey and brings in her experience, knowledge and skill to bring out the best teacher in you. Mentorship programmes such as this are a necessary way to refine what you learn in teacher training courses and personally it allowed me to develop the skill and craft of Yoga teaching in a much deeper way.

I think this clarity would be very difficult to achieve without reflection and mentorship from an experienced teacher such as Katie. I plan to continually reinvest in my mentoring program with Katie as both my studentship and career as a Yoga teacher continues to grow and develop."
Cara Butler, RYT-200